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Seed varieties and garden care products for home gardening

Growing vegetables and herbs, or cultivating a flower garden is easy with Starke Ayres seed varieties and garden care products.

Starke Ayres operates in a number of locations around the world, selecting the best possible locations (in terms of climate and growing conditions) to ensure the highest levels of quality and seed production. Starke Ayres ensures that the product reaches the home grower in the best possible condition.

The company has high-end research facilities, with best practice biotechnology and pathology services and infrastructure. It specialises in breeding its own varieties and sources the best available stock from its suppliers internationally.

It focuses on broadening its genetic base and product range to provide the new genetics that the market requires.

Starke Ayres’ seed varieties include:

  • vegetable seeds
  • lawn seeds
  • flower seeds
  • herb seeds

All seeds have been trialled under South African conditions for ease of growing and crop quality.

Starke Ayres garden care products include:

All products have been thoroughly tested under South African conditions.

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You can buy Starke Ayres seeds and garden care products from leading retailers and nurseries.
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Contact the Starke Ayres Call Centre on 0860 782 753

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