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Acid Loving Plant Mix

Acid Loving Plant Mix

Fertiliser Group 2
Registration No. B2289 – ACT 36 of 1947
Starke Ayres Acid Loving Plant Mix is a balanced blend of acidifying agents, and trace elements, which, when used as directed will adjust the pH level of the soil to a range of between 5.0 and 6.0, prevent and cure Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) and restore natural leaf colour of Hydrangeas.


Aluminium Sulphate - 40.0% by mass
Ferrous Sulphate - 40.0% by mass
Sulphur [S] - 20.0% by mass [31.0 total content].


Acid Loving mix is used in addition to normal fertiliser programmes. It ...
• is easy to apply;
• is easily absorbed by the plant;
• enhances the blue colour of the Hydrangea blooms;
• promotes photosynthesis and respiration in the plant;
• assists the plant to resist diseases and remain healthy throughout the growing season; and
• replaces Iron deficiency often found in acid soils.
Acid Loving Mix is used in addition to normal fertiliser programmes.


Acid Loving Mix is applied directly to soil at budding stage.
• Sprinkle 40g (two tablespoonfuls) round the plant.
• Rake lightly into the soil.
• Repeat after five weeks.

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